When Sadie and Sophie Carpenter, ages nine and seven, decided to enter their school talent show, they enlisted the help of their parents--Phil, a computer composer, and Krys, bassist in local punk band Stink & Linger--and Jody Laski, also in Stink & Linger. Hence, the band WORLD OF BEARS was created.

What instruments do you play?

SOPHIE: I play my voice.

SADIE: We sing.

How did you decide you wanted to be in a band?

SOPHIE: When we were like, three or four, my sister thought of a band and she thought it would be called "World of Bears." She was five. She likes bears, and we were sitting down and she said, "Let's make a band," and we thought of the World of Bears.

So how did it eventually form?

SOPHIE: Well, we were doing singing lessons and we wanted to do that for this recital we were having, and we heard the talent show was coming up.

It's a cover band? What songs have you done?

SOPHIE: We've done "Nouns" (from "Schoolhouse Rock"), "Everything You Are," The Beatles.

What was the response like at the talent show?

SADIE: It was good; everyone was like, "Oh, are you sisters?"

SOPHIE: "Ooh, that was so cute!"

[At this point, it comes out that Sophie and Sadie don't like their mom's punk band, Stink & Linger.]
Why don't you like their music?

SOPHIE: It says bad words, and it's just kind of stupid. And I don't really like the name "Stink & Linger."

What do you like to listen to?

SADIE: Sometimes hiphop, sometimes the oldies. Oh, we like funk from the '80s.

SOPHIE: Yeah, funk classics.

SADIE: I like to make fun of Usher songs. I just don't like Usher. My teacher likes Usher, but I don't like Usher.

SOPHIE: I make fun of the songs Sadie likes, like "AM to PM" by Christina Milian.

So what are your future plans for World of Bears?

SOPHIE: We want some people that we actually know to be in it, so it's not just two people singing.

SADIE: We wanna start making up songs

SOPHIE: But we can't really think of anything.

SADIE: And I don't want to make up any slow songs. I like songs that start off slow, but then they get faster.

Like dance music?

SADIE: Yeah, but not booty call.

SOPHIE: Not booty dancing. There are some people at our school that dance pretty inappropriate.

SADIE: I like marimba music. It's kind of like a xylophone.

SOPHIE: The marimba looks like little pieces of wood that are held together by strings, and you take some sticks with some balls on it and you go "clink clink" and it sounds nice.

Did you say "clink clink?"

SOPHIE: I said, "doing, doing, doing!"

Do you want to keep playing music when you get older?

SADIE: I want to be on TV, and I wanna be famous. I wanna move to Hollywood. And I wanna go on airplanes to go to shows and get interviewed. And I'm going to be on the thousand-dollar bill. I'm going to design it myself.

SOPHIE: What color is it going to be?

SADIE: Purple.

Do you have any records out yet?

SOPHIE: We're trying, man!

SADIE: Listen to our five hundred CDs that we're going to make and go to puddlestomp.com to get more information

SOPHIE: to get more info.

SADIE: about our band.

Do you have any final thoughts you want to tell Mercury readers?

SADIE: Listen to more of my music or ELSE!