Caitlin Love, age 20, is the amazingly kickass drummer for the bands Desert City Soundtrack and the Lead Veins. She moved to Portland seven months ago from Santa Rosa, CA.

Why did you move to Portland?

Because I thought the city was great. I live with my brother. I didn't like never seeing him, and I wanted to get out of Santa Rosa because there's not much going on there musically.

So how did you start drumming?

I probably shouldn't get into it, but Dave Grohl. He's been my main inspiration. Have you seen the Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! Nirvana video? I pretty much learned how to play drums from watching that.

Why did you choose the drums?

My first instrument was guitar, but it sucked, and I hated it, and I didn't have any patience for it whatsoever. I had a drum pad and I would play along with Metallica videos, and then one day, my dad asked me if I wanted a drum set. I can just sit and play with one thing for hours and hours, but I mean, drums are hard. I'm still always frustrated by 'em, but I love 'em.

How old were you then?

I started when I was 14.

What's your favorite style of drumming?

Well, rock drumming is pretty much my style. Desert City is the first band I've been in that hasn't been completely rock, so it's a good challenge. But that's my main style.

Is it true you hang outside of over-21 shows and listen because you can't get in yet?

I've only done that a few times. I saw the Rye Coalition the other week. I've got about six months to go before I can get in. I don't drink, either, so it's a little frustrating that I can't really, like, make a deal with bartenders or anything.

Does it bug you that people are paying to get in and just get drunk and talk over the music, while you have to stand outside and look in the windows?

People are gonna do what they're gonna do. I'd rather watch the band.

What else do you like to do?

I just wanna play music; as long as I'm playing shows and having fun, that's all I'm worried about. I like to ride my bike around and listen to tunes--listen to my Portland riding mix.

What's on the Portland riding mix?

I was just joking. I don't have a Portland riding mix. But I'm still just pretty stoked on this town, still discovering new areas and enjoying the beauty of Portland.

Do you have any closing statements?

Listen to Black Sabbath! And we have a show on May 3 with the Rum Diary and Nervous and the Kid, and one May 4, at Viva la Revolution with The Rum Diary and Science of Yabra. Actually--cross that out. Instead of Sabbath, tell people to listen to Science of Yabra.