Just when you've mastered pilates and developed a taste for soy crisps, those dictators of cool out in Hollywood swing the pendulum. The hippest stars are suddenly dumping obsessive self-preservation and wrapping their surgically mutated mouths around huge chunks of meat. Proof that this trend has infiltrated Portland is Duane, owner of Portland's thermometer of coolness, Stumptown Coffee (4525 SE Division & 3356 SE Belmont). He's a figure of hipness comparable to say, Eric Stoltz. So of course, we're dying to know, what hotspots has Duane been hitting? The Dog House Restaurant (2845 E Burnside) is one of his favorites, where you won't find a burger in sight, just piles of hot dogs representative of myriad nationalities and walks of life. Nick's Famous Coney Island Restaurant (3746 SE Hawthorne) is a swell place for anything concerning meat, chili, or mayonnaise, including those hot, succulent dogs. Duane's third pick is The Basement Pub (1028 SE 12th), which offers $1 plates of food per drink. There are, ahem, no hot dogs on the menu, but Duane assures us that, nutritionally, "there is a hot dog in every glass." And, as was previously established, he is very cool, and therefore always right.