Scott Klees has a law degree. However, the cheery New Orleans native spends his days far from the courtroom, conducting entirely different proceedings: bike tours. The only year-round guide at Pedal Bike Tours, Klees pedals through downpours and heat waves to show tourists a good time.

Did you go to school?
I got my law degree at Louisiana State University. I have yet to use my degree... and I'm not really planning on it. Don't waste your money on school before you have time to go find what you like to do.

What drew you to Portland?
Its liberal politics, art and music scene, coffee shops, and natural allure. And then I got a job at Community Cycle Center teaching kids how to ride, so I fell in love with the bike culture, too.

How did you end up tour guiding?
I met the owner of Pedal Bike Tours right at its start, so I jumped at the job offer. I wanted to break free of the "unfriendly mechanic persona" and spend my time sharing my love of Portland with others. If you are really enthusiastic about cycling, this is truly the best job.

Hardest part of the job?
The rainy days can be rough. But really, that's the real Portland biking experience. You have to embrace it all.

Any advice for aspiring bike tour guides?
Get to know people who are doing what you want to do, guiding, in my case, and get involved. Prepare for less-than-stellar jobs to get your foot in the door. It's not rocket science.

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