If you're aiming to get paid cash and the occasional sandwich for standing around doing absolutely nothing, TV show extra is the gig for you! Luckily, crime drama Leverage employed 396 Oregonians during its second season, as unemployed graphic designer and public artist Dan Beyer experienced when he transformed for a few days into a reasonably paid ex-CIA agent.

What happened in your episode?
I was in the episode about... a magic hat? Actually I don't remember what episode I was in. I think there was a hat and also something about magic.

How did you get the job?
My housemate found it on Craigslist and I applied really half-heartedly. I slicked back my hair and sent them a bunch of photos of me with a BB gun. They got in contact and told me I needed to buy three white T-shirts, cut my hair, and remember to shave. For me, going from complete unemployment to even a minimal amount of employment plus hygiene was actually a really big step.

What was your role?
I played an ex-CIA security officer for a medical company that was doing bad business. My costume had an earpiece! I basically sat around with all the other extras and we would talk about the gym and other things I knew nothing about. The days were 12 hours and I was there for three days. I think I got paid around $150 a day.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Leverage extras?
Always look everybody directly in the eye, no matter what.

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