IT'S EASY to make a hacky Portlandia joke about the many farmers' markets that leafily pock Portland's face each summer. It's also stupid—the pop-up bazaars are useful, full of delicious gifts, and a testament to the fecund wonderland where you reside. By June, you'll be able to snag fresh, locally grown vegetables any damn day of the week, with a ludicrously small amount of effort. But you've got to be prepared. Keep this field guide with you at all times. No exceptions.


Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW 6th & Morrison

10 am-2 pm

June 16-Aug 25


Lloyd District, NE 7th & Holladay

10 am-2 pm


OHSU, OHSU Auditorium Courtyard, 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park

10 am-2 pm

June through September


Moreland, SE 14th & Bybee

3-7 pm

May 14-Oct 22

Parkrose, 12505 NE Halsey

2-7 pm

July 2-Sept 3

People's Farmers' Market,

3029 SE 21st

2-7 pm


Shemanski Park, SW Salmon & Main

10 am-2 pm

May 7-Nov 26


Buckman, SE 20th & Salmon

3-7 pm

May 1-Sept 25

Cully, NE 42nd & Alberta

4-7 pm


Mississippi, N Mississippi & Shaver

3-7 pm

June 12-October 16

Northwest, NW 19th & Everett

2-6 pm

June 5-Sept 25

South Waterfront, 3508 SW Moody

2-7 pm


World Trade Center, SW 1st & Salmon

11 am-1:30 pm

June 26-Sept 25


Kenton, N Denver & McClellan

3-7 pm

June 6-Sept 26


Hollywood, NE 44th & Hancock

8 am-1 pm, May-Sept

9 am-1 pm, Oct-Nov

9 am-1 pm, first & third Saturdays,


Parkrose, 12505 NE Halsey

8 am-1 pm

May 3-Oct 11

PSU, SW Park & Montgomery

8:30 am-2 pm, March 15-Oct

9 am-2 pm, Nov-Dec 20

St. Johns, N Lombard & Philadelphia

9 am-2 pm

May 31-Oct 25


Irvington, NE 16th & Broadway

10:30 am-2:30 pm

June 8-Oct 7

King, NE 7th & Wygant

10 am-2 pm

May 4-Nov 23

Lents, SE 92nd & Foster

10 am-3 pm

June 1-Oct 26

Montavilla, 7600 block of SE Stark

10 am-2 pm

June-Oct, plus Nov 23

Woodstock, 4600 SE Woodstock

10 am-2 pm

June-Oct 26