EVERY YEAR the Mercury is thrilled to fling open our doors to public opinion, and allow YOU—the above-average reader—to inform the world about the BEST Portland has to offer. It's called the PDX Approved Survey, and it documents the hottest of Portland's restaurants, shops, services, and more... all decided by smartypants like YOU! What follows are the PDX Approved results for 2014, and in most cases? You hit the nail right on the head. HOWEVER. There are still plenty of people, businesses, and Portland-y things that are often overlooked in these surveys, and that's where the Mercury staff comes in! This year we're supplementing the PDX Approved results with quick write-ups spotlighting the under-sung and currently overlooked greatness of our city, and we're calling it "Portland's Most Underrated." These people, places, and things may fly under the radar... but they're definitely worthy of your attention! Check 'em out, try 'em out, and consider nominating them for PDX Approved next year!

Your PDX Approved Reader Survey Results HERE
The Mercury's Most Underrated HERE