The Design Issue 2016

The Design Issue

Design Week Is Back. Here's Your Game Plan.

How to Design Week

An Illustrated Introduction to Design Week Portland

Portland(s) of Tomorrow in Futurelandia

What Will the City Look Like in 50, 100, 200 Years?

Equity and Aesthetics Should Mix

Historian Reiko Hillyer Talks Density, Affordable Housing, and Equal Access to Public Space

Kevin Cavenaugh's Art of Risk

The Guerrilla Development Owner on Bringing Thoughtfulness, Creativity, and Risk into Portland Development

Design Week Portland: A User's Guide

Our Picks for Every Day of the Festival

Feeling the Overview Effect

Composer Tylor Neist Replicates an Astronaut's Return to Earth

The Central Eastside's Vanishing Borders

Diving into the Future of One of Portland's Most Rapidly Changing Areas

AKQA + New Avenues for Youth = A Very Different Pigeon

At-Risk Youth Partner with Digital Design Firm to Create New Fashion Brand

Crystal Beasley's Data-Driven Antidote to Fast Fashion

Her Portland-Based Company Is Finally Making a Goddamn Pair of Pants That Fits

A Master Class in Wedding Calligraphy and Hand-Lettered Logos

Precious Bugarin and Bryn Chernoff Will Help You Make Your Own Font!

Essential Real Talk for Creative Freelancers

The Overshare: PDX Podcast Covers the Design Life—No Unicorns or Butterflies Allowed

Chelsea Peil's Ways of Looking at a Leaf

The Design Consultant on Visualizing the Shift Toward a Waste-Free Economy

AFTER A MOVE in scheduling from fall to spring, Design Week Portland is back, and this time around it's jam-packed with open houses, workshops, panel discussions, breakfast lectures (brectures?), and no shortage of fever dreams of future Portland, glimpsed through a lens of design. We've done the legwork, sorting through a gigantic—not to say straight-up daunting—lineup to bring you the highlights. Even for the most art-allergic Portlanders, there's something here for you: From chats with historian Reiko Hillyer (who has some choice words for Portland's scourge of terrarium purveyors!) and womenswear revolutionary Crystal Beasley (who's changing the way women's jeans are designed and manufactured) to fresh conversations about development, affordable housing, and the city's changing landscape, plus forays into space travel (seriously) and designing for all things beer. Here are our picks for getting the most out of your Design Week Portland.