Here's how to turn any summer into a winter wonderland. Purchase an oversized ice block--available at liquor stores or convenience marts (call ahead, not everyone sells blocks)--and turn it into a summertime sled that will have you whizzing down the pristine hills of your local golf course!

What makes ice blocking possible is the simplest trick of chemistry: The process of melting. As the evening heat melts away the edges of your ice block, a miniscule sheen of water is sandwiched between the ground and your makeshift sled. The ice block virtually floats on this thin layer of water. Sit on the block, press your palms onto the sides, and get a shove.

Golf courses are the best venue for ice blocking (especially those off NE Columbia). Not only is the terrain ideal with their comfortable rolling hills, the lawn boys keep the grass short, thereby reducing friction on your ice block. But remember--ice blocking is an evening activity! Not only do the stars add to the charming ambiance, you'll also avoid the ba-humbuggery of golf course managers.

Warning: Possible outcomes include arrest for trespassing and/or freezer burn on your ass.