Name: Lew Church
Form of oppression: Miss America

Lew Church is the coordinator for the Progressive Student Union at Portland State University (PSU). As a student, Lew is oppressed in many ways, but one significant event that oppressed him was the graduation ceremony at PSU. Katie Harman, the current Miss America, and also a PSU student, spoke at this ceremony. Here are some of Lew's opinions regarding the guest speaker.

"During Katie Harman's reign, she had a charity cause: breast cancer. But during the speech, she never talked about breast-feeding or bottle-feeding, which is linked to breast cancer. The World Health Organization says that 1.5 million babies a year die from Bottle Baby Disease. However, the Miss America Pageant was at one point sponsored by Nestle, one of the biggest producers of formula in the world."

"We don't have anything personally against Harman. Our issue is that (PSU President) Bernstein chose the speaker without any input from students. In one of her interviews, Harman said that Miss America isn't a beauty pageant, but she didn't boycott the swimsuit part of the contest. I'd like to see Bernstein have to wear a swimsuit in order to get a scholarship."

"As far as women in America, in 200 years there's never been a woman president, in 3000 years there's never been a female pope. Women make 62 cents for every dollar men make in America. It would be useful for Bernstein, or any other beauty pageant director, to work on issues that have to do with women being equal in society, rather than little individual causes."--KATIA DUNN