Name: Peter S.
Form of oppression: People who hate Dave Matthews

I used to work with Peter and made fun of him all the time for liking DMB. Every time we got in his SUV, the CD player would instantly start blaring some jingly-jangly, hippie tune. It drove me a little nuts, so I started to oppress him. I wondered if others oppressed him for liking such a craptacular band? So I called him up:

(ring ring)

Pete: "Hello?'

Me: "Hey Pete, it's Brian."

P: "Who?"

M: "Brian Brait, we used to work together."

P: "Ohhh, yeah You're the guy that used to make fun of me for liking Dave Matthews."

M: "Ha yeah... funny you should mention that."

P: "Why?"

M: "I was wondering if anybody else ever oppressed you for liking him?"

P: "No just you "

M: "Really?"

P: "Dude you're a jerk I mean you totally labeled me as a hippie and a 'trust-fundian,' as if I didn't have to work for a living. I totally worked my butt off. I mean, just because I like Dave Matthews doesn't mean I'm a patchouli wearin', microbus drivin' jerk-off. I work hard and I play hard, just like Dave so screw you asshole!" click

At least he doesn't hold a grudge.--BRIAN BRAIT