There should be a Venn diagram in which Pokémon Go, housing, and being independently wealthy intersect, right? Well, while we're waiting around for that, check out this Craigslist ad:


While the description doesn't go into exact detail about what makes it such a good Pokémon Go hotspot, let's assume your digs will be brimming with excited, well-off Poké players who can't wait to live in a place that provides 619 square feet of luxury, including a rooftop garden, ceiling fans, quick accessibility to downtown, and bumping into the occasional Snorlax. AND it's about half the price of the YARD—which probably charges extra for any Poké characters in building!

Read the rest of the ad here, but before signing that lease, better check out this article: "Even Pokemon Go's Biggest Fans are Turning Against It Right Now."

By the way, if you can afford that apartment? You can probably afford THIS:


Giant Snorlax Beanbag—Only $289.

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