emily harris and david miller, hosts of opb's think out loud, the newest of the dreaded call-in shows

I love NPR, PRI, OPB, whatever. Robert Siegel, Michele Norris, Terry Gross, Lisa Mullins, Melissa Block, Ira Glass: I could listen to them all day, and I often do.

But something has got to be done about the morning lineup. Between 9am and 1pm, listening to 91.5 basically makes me want to kill myself. Think Out Loud, World Have Your Say, Talk of the Nation - it's like a suicidal triple header, and I can't take it anymore. In college, I hated discussion groups because it meant I was forced to listen to eager coeds prove that they had read the textbook. I read the textbook. I came to class to hear people older, more educated, and smarter than me talk; give me a professor or let me sleep-in. Likewise, I listen to public radio because I want to hear people older, more educated, and smarter than me talk. I want to think, and I want to be smarter. Listening to Mary in Rockaway call in and talk about her unemployment woes does not make me smarter. It makes me smug and snobby, and I really don't need another excuse for that.

Does anyone out there enjoy these shows? Have you ever heard someone call in that had anything of value to add? Am I just a huge snob? These things I wonder.