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Having an Emergency? Don’t Call the Police

The fact is, we at The Skanner News simply have to warn our readers away from calling the police when they are in a crisis situation. We cannot have faith that innocents won’t get caught in the firing line when trigger-finger officers arrive in force. We need to start solving our own problems.

There is a sense in the community of desperation at this situation never seems to change because there are no consequences to the officers who do the shooting.

We should be more like our Asian brothers and sisters and solve our own problems. We as adults need to talk to these young men to de-escalate the situation ourselves. In fact Campbell’s family was trying to do that very thing. His young cousin told The Skanner News they had talked him into putting the gun down and giving himself up to the police — sadly he was dead by the time they were able to pass through roadblocks to the scene. It's a shame anyone called 911 at all.


We are watching with interest how the tragic death of Aaron Campbell is soon to play out on the national stage. But in the meantime — if you are in crisis in Portland, think twice before you bring in law enforcement.