From an editorial penned by Marty Davis in the current issue of Just Out:

“How many times do we have to go down this road?” read the email from a clearly frustrated and annoyed Karl Wilgus, owner of the Portland gay bar Casey’s. Wilgus was writing in response to additional questions presented to him by Just Out staff writer Ryan J. Prado in reference to repeated complaints regarding unpaid wages to employees. My response to Wilgus was simple: “As many times as it takes for you to answer and address all the complaints against you—and the phone calls, letters and concerns stop being sent to us.”

From a 2009 Bureau of Labor and Industries complaint against Just Out for abolishing payday and not paying its editors:
Davis is very worried about leaks to the press about paying the staff late. She has said on numerous occasions in front of staff members that we are not to speak with the media. If we do, it is considered a "fire-able offense." She has asked us in e-mails and in person, not to print out our e-mails, electronically forward them or share them with anyone.

In a staff meeting 3/2, in the presence of [staffers], Davis discussed the expose-style article about Just Out on the Gay Rights Watch blog. She said she was going to have to "kill someone out there" and that if the leak came from inside the office, she'd "kill someone in here."