Yesterday I blogged about KGW's glaringly one-sided and assumption-making story about Oregonians making an "exodus" to Washington to avoid paying taxes after Measure 66 and 67 passed. At the time, I didn't get any response from KGW about the criticisms of the story, but KGW News Director Rob Gramer posted a long response on KGW's site last night.

And, surprise! It actually admits that the story was poorly-reported and had some pretty big holes. Though the story should clearly never have aired, good on KGW for fessing up to its mistakes. Here's a snippet, but read the whole apology here:

The story we did this week did not live up to our high standards of balanced, fair and in-depth journalism. The story did not dig deep enough, it relied on anecdotal information from Washington realtors and, most serious of all, it did not contain the views of those who support Measures 66 and 67 and refute the assertion that companies and people are moving out of state because of the higher personal and corporate taxes.