The PS4! It's out, everybody! Did you stand in line? No? Me neither. The new console went on sale Friday and, according to Sony, sold over a million on its first day. One of those was sold to this annoying person who microwaved it, and another to an annoying person who smashed it in front of a group of people who were waiting in line at a Best Buy. Yes, really. No, neither of those videos are worth watching.

I am not getting a PS4, because it's $400 and I have actually found that the games I've been most excited about are out for 3DS and PC? Is that crazy? Pokemon? The new Zelda game? Also it's $400?

Fortunately, I've learned everything I need to know about the new console from this YouTube video of NPR legal correspondent and everyone's adorable great-aunt Nina Totenberg, who someone at NPR convinced to make an unboxing video, despite her apparently not liking or understanding videogames and thinking the unboxing video concept was "pretty boring." Go for it, Nina!

Ugh. Adorable.