This new commercial for Mirth Provisions' brand of cannabis beverages—which slyly bear the name "Legal"—is being touted as the world's first-ever TV commercial for a weed edible. Is it? I'm inclined to take them at their word, but there's a comments section here in case you have proof otherwise.

The ad was made by a Portland ad agency called Sockeye with director James Westby (Rid of Me, The Auteur) and was filmed with quite a few recognizable Portlanders making up the crowd. (Spot yer pals!)

It's a better commercial than I was expecting, avoiding the standard stoner tropes and throwing in some inventive jokes, with the band changing the tempo of the song to mimic the beverage's effects. Most importantly, it makes me want to try some of the Washington-based tonic maker's stuff, which is available at a bunch of places around town. Is it the weekend yet?