What Ian Karmel said.

All local media, and especially TV news, is guilty of encouraging bad actors during local protests while "tsk-tsking" them at the same time. Check out any local station's Twitter feed and watch how they downplay the thousands of people who march and care about America's future, until a few bad eggs start some trouble—then that's all they focus on for the rest of the night. They feed the attention-seeking desires of vandals, while playing into the fears of their under-educated audiences. These organizations have no intention on getting to the root of why people march and why we want our voices heard. They're in it for the clicks—whether on social media or the TV remote. Is the Mercury guilty of pandering to these same instincts? We try not to be, but we're not always successful. That's why you should feel free to call us on our bullshit, and keep us on point. Just like our under-funded school systems, a neglectful Democratic party, and a culture of racism and misogyny, the media had a hand in delivering us into this terrible situation. Which means it's also up to us to remember why we do this job, and start helping instead of making the situation worse.