The show is called AM to DM and "will run 8-9 a.m. ET on the Twitter account of @BuzzFeedNews," as Variety reports. It will be hosted by the two guys above.

Two of the more literary guys at BuzzFeed, Saeed Jones and Isaac Fitzgerald are charismatic tweeters and obvious buddies. Jones is also a poet (in addition to being BuzzFeed's executive editor of culture for a while now) and Fitzgerald is BuzzFeed's books editor.

More details:

“AM to DM” will follow a traditional morning-show format, delivering the day’s top stories from staff reporters providing news and commentary on politics, social issues, technology, business and entertainment. But it will have some unique twists, given the nature of the medium: The show will feature “everyday Twitter heroes” who have captured the spotlight and focus on what people are saying on Twitter live, as it happens during the broadcast.

In case you are not a millennial, the "DM" in the show's title stands for "direct message." (In case you're wondering who came up with the name, she did.)