Ghoul King Steve Bannon spawning his brood.
Ghoul King Steve Bannon spawning his demonic orclings from un-raked muck. Drew Angerer / GETTY

As you likely heard, last week the Washington Post reported that a woman named Leigh Corfman is accusing Senate hopeful Roy Moore of molesting her when she was 14. Three other women claim Moore made advances on them when they were teenagers, too. The Post's story is backed by accounts from the victims and 30 other sources. Just this afternoon, another woman named Beverly Young Nelson accused Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was 15. But the revanchist propagandists over at Breitbart are describing the story as "a weaponized hit," and they've sent two goons down to Alabama to harass WaPo's sources.

With the exception of an ultimately irrelevant detail about Corfman not having a phone in her room at the time of Moore's call, Breitbart's Matt Boyle (who is known for doxxing Sasha and Malia Obama) and Aaron Klein (whose alphabet soup always spells B e n g h a z i) so far seem to be confirming Washington Post's account, as many on Twitter with above average reading comprehension skills have already pointed out:

But it's unclear why the chaotic evil media arm of the Trump administration thinks they need to send reporters out to Alabama in the first place to achieve their goals. In a recent poll, almost 40 percent of Evangelicals in Alabama said they were more likely to vote for Moore following allegations that he molested a 14-year-old. At 49 percent, Evangelicals make up the vast majority of people who identify as religious in Alabama, and reports that over 50 pastors have signed a letter in support of Moore. These people (who aren't exactly famous for believing their own two eyes) are willfully dismissing the reports, and they're already planning to cast their revenge votes.

The only silver lining I can see: Breitbart will be wasting a little time and money. Unless, of course, they pay those reporters less than the amount of ad revenue they generate from those 40 percent of Alabama Evangelicals (and any other Republicans) scouring their site for reports that appear to confirm their own preconceived notions about Moore and the victims. So, never mind. There is no silver lining with these people. There is only a horrible event horizon of toxic masculinity and xenophobia.

That said, Moore's Democratic challenger, Doug Jones, is four points up in the polls. (That's not much.) Donate if you somehow have money left over this month after paying rent and groceries.