Dressed in all white except for their shoes, the Caribou clan gingerly walked onto stage and proceeded directly into their respective nooks amongst the musical machinery, at which point their Tuesday night performance at the Roseland began.

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The proceedings were exceedingly tasteful: an understated light show, a well thought-out selection from the recent Caribou catalog, and a very clear sonic presentation courtesy of the Roseland's recently upgraded sound system. Even the between-song banter was tasteful, consisting mostly of appreciative nods or timid thank yous accompanied by a raised hand.

Dan Snaith's live plight is that of many modern musicians—finding a viable migration path from intricate studio project to large-scale stages where bombast and pageantry are often required to keep audiences engaged. There are precious few ways to make turning knobs interesting, or playing keys for that matter, unless you're Jerry Lee Lewis. And even he did not have to contend with audiences armed with smartphones and their infinite on-demand gratification.

In the end, the appreciative audience was treated to a sensible, satisfying experience, if not particularly inspired or memorable. Like a really good bowl of raisin oatmeal.