GOD BLESS PORTLAND QUEERS—never at a loss for novelty, for uniqueness, for general out-and-out oddness. And although there's a ton of mainstream Pride fun to be had this weekend, we'd like to turn your head to a trio of out-of-the-way, little-heard-of events that rate high on the "underground scale."

Gold Spur

Queers and country music.

While these two disparate interests don't usually share a bill, the hot new two-stepping bonanza known as Gold Spur celebrates the meeting of queer culture and country line dancing with a monthly party at the Spare Room (4830 NE 42nd).

"I grew up in Kansas in a smaller town, and was exposed to this kind of music," event co-organizer Jose Miguel says about country. "For a long time, I thought I had to like a certain type of music to be queer." Surprise—turns out queers can dance to just about anything! The next Gold Spur is on Thursday, June 17, at 8 pm.

Underground scale: Big points for trading trashy techno for country!



Formally know as the Trans Family Picnic, T*Party is in its fourth year—an event both figuratively and literally separated from the mainstream gay-themed Pride celebrations—taking place in North Portland's Overlook Park (N Fremont & Interstate). Though this queer happening is pretty much the epitome of "underground" (no advertising), a flyer being passed around proclaims the goal of the event as "a gathering for genderqueers, transfolks, and dragsters plus our lovers, kids, families, friends, partners, allies, and even pets."

Underground scale: Considering the event organizers are pissed that we're outing this happening in the Mercury, I'd say it's pretty high.


One Night Stand

The love child of DJ Freddie Fagula and event promoter Kaki Marshall, One Night Stand is—wait for it!—two big trans-inclusive parties under one not-so-big roof, kicking off Friday night of Pride weekend at Boxxes/Red Cap Garage (1025 SW Stark).

Marshall has made a name for herself organizing hot queer events like Holocene's Double Down and Pop Tart. With eight DJs on the bill, One Night Stand also stands as a fundraiser for TransActive and Gender (Free) for All, two organizations promoting trans/queer issues.

Underground scale: Gotta love anything that sends some love (and cash) to the trans community!