When he's not starting fistfights with George Clooney or shouting at Lily Tomlin, David O. Russell occasionally makes movies, such as Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees, and Spanking the Monkey. In other words, dude comes across as kind of a dick, but at least he's a talented dick. His latest, The Fighter, features Marky Mark, my beloved Amy Adams, and Christian Bale. Jesus Christ, Christian Bale and David O. Russell on the same production? Man, I bet that set was a delight to work on.

Anyway, the trailer for The Fighter's below, or here in HD.

Kinda schmaltzy, no? Like Rocky and The Wrestler got a little frisky with each other and a feel-good TV movie popped out? But my guess is that's the fault of the marketing people who cut this trailer, not Russell's film, which I'm giving the benefit of the doubt based on the simple fact that it contains not one but two kinds of fightin'.