Nate does the math.
  • Nate does the math.

The mathletes over at The Wages of Wins Journal—they wrote the book on academic research and the economics of sports—have posted a link an Arturo Galletti piece that offers a preliminary ranking of all NBA teams based on nine elements (everything from minutes played to the slightly more complicated "Cumulative Roster Minutes in 20009-2010 as a % of Required Minutes"). The results: The Blazers will win more games than any team other than the superstar-loaded Miami Heat.

Of course, these predictions are just that, so don't go start sizing your championship ring just yet. Although the Washington Wizards netting less than a dozen wins seems very possible. Honestly, it's just nice to read a Blazers season prediction where someone doesn't mention Greg Oden's knee, or dong. Or both.

Link: BlazersEdge