The Rose City Rollers' biggest rivals in their annual bid for nationals are the golden beyotches of the Bay Area Derby Dolls—who stopped our all-star team, the Wheels of Justice, last year from moving on up the derby champ chain. Those BAD gals are back this weekend for a closed bout at the Hangar. Sadly, you can't watch it out at the old Oaks Park. Only a lucky few who plunk down a couple hundred are going to get to watch that game in person (see those deets here). But if you have a few crumpled ones in your duct tape wallet, head on down to the Bagdad for a live stream of the game. Cheer on your girls and drink some beer—sounds like a fun Sunday afternoon.

Rose City Rollers vs. Bay Area Derby Dolls
Sunday, April 17
Live stream at the Bagdad Theater (3702 SE Hawthorne)
doors open at 1 pm, viewing at 2 pm
1:30 pm musical performance from Pocketknife with RCR's Napoleon Blownapart
$8, all ages