Please draft this man

Despite bad things looming on the horizon, the NBA draft is just one day away. While this year's draft class is unimpressive—it's made up entirely of white guys who shoot underhand free-throws and can't dunk—draft night has always been an exhilarating event for Portland Trail Blazers fans. Even when the team fails to land a top name prospect—catch the Luke Babbitt fever!—there is always something of interest going on. Just like last year, when Kevin Pritchard was canned, minutes after making his final draft selection.

This year should be no exception. Portland has been at the center of a few rumors that either involve stockpiling more picks, shipping off their first round selection, or dealing some combination of Rudy Fernandez (Yay!), Andre Miller (No!), and Nicolas Batum (Noooo!). If the Blazers stand pat, they'll be focused on the 21st pick, which just might be—fingers crossed—Kenneth Faried. The greatest player to ever wear a Moorehead State jersey, Faried led the NCAA in rebounding last season and while he isn't exactly skilled at "scoring" or "putting the ball in the basket for points," he is the sort of all-hustle player that Portland fans will absolutely adore, plus he can be a great resource off the bench. His 1,673 rebounds in college rank in the top 12 of all time (!), and the only player in the past 30 years to come close to Faried is some guy named Tim Duncan, who had 103 less boards. Players this talented rarely slide to the 21st position in the first round, so Portland might need to trade up a few slots in order to put Faried in a Blazers jersey.

I'll be live-blogging tomorrow's draft at 4pm. Please stop on by and join me in welcoming Faried to Portland. Or bidding farewell to Rudy. Or sobbing uncontrollably when Batum is traded. Maybe all three.