Meow Ming takes it to the hole! Boomshakalaka!
  • Meow Ming takes it to the hole! Boomshakalaka!

Excited for Thursday, November 3rd? That's the day the Portland Trail Blazers open up the 2011-12 season at the Rose Garden against the Denver Nuggets. Well, don't be. Looks like that won't be happening.

After another day of tense negotiations and very little childish name calling, the NBA players union and team owners vacated the negotiating table without a deal in place. In fact, it looks like the entire season is on the threshold of being canceled entirely. The league has officially axed all preseason games ("NOOOOO!"—nobody) and the first few weeks of regular season contests will be canceled on Monday if a deal isn't in place by then. And it won't be, the two sides don't even have another negotiation date scheduled. It's official: Mommy and Daddy no longer love each other.

Well, there goes basketball. At least I'll still be able to run into LaMarcus Aldridge at my 8am power vinyasa class.