The Rose City Rollers announced their 2012 season—take a gander after the jump!

Plus Paddy's (65 SW Yamhill) will be showing the WFTDA Championships on their big screens all weekend on November 11-13. Get there on Friday for the Wheels of Justice's game against the Kansas City Roller Warriors at 6:30 4:30 pm. Don't miss it!!

Jan 21 Heartless Heathers vs. Guns N Rollers, Break Neck Betties vs. High Rollers
Feb 17 Rosebuds vs. TBD
Feb 18 High Rollers vs. Guns N Rollers
Feb 24 High Rollers Scrimmage Fundraiser
Feb 25 Heartless Heathers vs. Break Neck Betties
Mar 16 Break Neck Betties Scrimmage Fundraiser
Mar 17 High Rollers vs. Heartless Heathers
Mar 18 Rosebuds vs. TBD
Mar 30 Heartless Heathers Scrimmage Fundraiser
Mar 31 Guns N Rollers vs. Break Neck Betties
April 14 Wheels of Justice vs. TBD and Rookie Exhibition (High Rollers/Heartless Heathers and Guns N Rollers/Break Neck Betties)
May 4 Home Team Semi-Finals
May 5 Home Team Semi-Finals
May 6 Rosebuds vs. TBD
May 11 Axles of Annihilation vs. Denver
May 12 Wheels of Jusice vs. Denver
June 2 Home Team Championships
June 29 Axles of Annihilation vs. TBD
June 30 Rosebuds vs TBD
Aug 25 Axles of Annihilation vs. Eugene
Oct 19 Guns N Rollers Scrimmage Fundraiser
Oct 20 RCR Newbie Bout
Oct 21 Rosebuds vs. TBD
Dec 1 Rose City Rollers vs. Rat City (4x4 home team bouts)