Axles of Annihilation putting the smackdown on the Rainy Citys jammer.

Totes missed the High Rollers vs. Tacoma's Hellbound Homewreckers on Friday night, but I caught the action between Rose City Rollers' B-team, the Axles of Annihilation, jamming it out against the Centralia's Rainy City Roller Dolls. (Puerile aside: I wonder if any roller derby leagues have embraced the "jam out with your clam out" T-shirt motto.) Rainy City was a bit short-handed for the match-up, so RCR's Smack Ya Sideways, among others, was playing for the traveling team from Washington. AoA earned an immediate scoreboard lead, 21-4 four minutes into the bout. Portland's Honey Hellfire had a patch of mad scoring bringing the total to 46-5 with four more minutes on the clock. All the while Axles' walls looked strong, nearly impenetrable with Rainy City bouncing off our lassies in purple.

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AoAs Blast Unicorn says, Oh no, you didnt.

With Portland's Untamed Shrew jamming for Rainy City, the halftime score was AoA 110, Rainy 61. Before the whistle blew for the second half, the danciest Axles of Annihilation Squid Vicious and Napoleon Blownapart were cutting a rug, as is their wont. Rainy City saw a bit of a shutout in the latter 30 minutes of the game, scoring about 20 points, while AoA watched the their scoreboard ticker go nuts putting over 100 onto their tally. Rainy City's efforts weren't helped by the loss of Smack Ya Sideways who garnered too many penalties, but Rainy jammers Ivana Thrasher and Toot A. Loo (it's a very brave roller girl who wears glasses on the track) were doing their best to score. But it wasn't enough to stop the Annihilation. Final score: Axles 233, Rainy City 80.