Minnesotas Diamond Rough knows how to use that booty, but White Flight shoulders through.

Who likes winning! Portland, that's who! The Minnesota RollerGirls game against Rose City Rollers' all-star team, the Wheels of Justice, was pretty fantastic last Friday at the Hangar. It was a close 'un too—at least in the first half. Portland pulled away with the game in the second half to put the final nails in the Midwestern skaters' coffin with a final score of Rose City 166, Minnesota 90. All done up in their old-school roller derby belts (which are apparently used as whip aids—that sounds dirty, eh?—although I didn't see any actual belt whips during the game), the Minnesota girls were defensively strong and managed play a game of seesaw for the lead with Rose City, before finally falling behind in the last two jams of the first half. They couldn't quite manage to take full advantage of their power jams—even as Portland jammer White Flight was sent to the icebox for a failed execution of the famed and daring move the Pegassist. Rose City's jammers really picked up steam in the second half putting 92 points on the board to Minnesota's 38, thanks to some top-notch blocking from the Wheels of Justice. Our Portland gals can really stop you flat. No really. Mel Mangles will decimate you. Easy peasy. Really fun to watch this match-up—both teams just kept skating and skating, unlike some teams that stand around as a tactical advantage. And I think the Twin Cities gals might have some of my favorite names (Fannie Tanner, Buzz TightRear, plus I like Scarmen Hellectra's style—double pun!).

Hit the jump for Portland's B-team the Axles of Annihilation's bout recap against the Eugene!

Harmony Killerbruise is crying purple after a run-in with Mel Mangles.

Eugene's travel team never stopped in their quest to beat Portland's B-team the Axles of Annihilation last Saturday. Even when it didn't look so good, they just kept chipping away. Sure, it wasn't enough to beat our Rose City gals, but it was a feat. The final score was Rose City 187, Eugene's Emerald City Roller Girls' Skatesaphrenics 110. Eugene's jammers Golden and tall-drink-o'-water Ogden laid on the gas pedal in the second half padding their paltry first-half score with nearly 100 points. The Axles' crack team of jammers Northern Lights Out, Mutch Mayhem, and Feliz Brutality just kept dropping mad points on the board, while Portland's defense walloped the Eugene skaters at the same time the gals in green were racking up penalties. It was a fun game—with some hard hits (I think Feliz Brutality lost a piercing somewhere on the track), it was the last Portland game for tough-cookie Toxic Haste who's off to college, and we saw some fantastic blocking from Chicken Time Bomb... hmm, that highlight reel stars skaters who are all under the age of 21... future of roller derby indeed.

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