A hot mess of delightful and entertaining starches.
  • A hot mess of delightful and entertaining starches.

This week has been rich with goodness—a steady stream of really awesome entertainment flowing straight into my face. Here, I'll share the wealth. (And by "wealth, I mean "recommendations," not cash money, because there's a dusting of moths currently living in my wallet.)

1. Videogame: Play Gone Home. Alison piqued my interest with her blog post about this riot grrrl-soundtracked videogame by local game developers the Fullbright Company. But it was reading Ben Coleman's upcoming feature (out in our September 18 issue ) about the unique game that made me buy it ($19.99 for PC and Mac). Described as a story-exploration game and set in an Oregon suburb in 1995, Gone Home is the first true videogame I've played in over 15 years. The less you know about the story the better, but it's a fucking treat of a game—a delightful and subtle mix of teenage romance and mystery. Highly recommended.

2. Film: Go see The World's End, guys! It's soooo good and touching and wholly funny. And you really can't beat seeing the pub-crawling, sci-fi comedy with a bunch of laughing moviegoers. I thought it was by far the best of Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost's loose Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. But to be fair, I didn't give Shaun of the Dead much of a chance back in 2004. (Hey Netflix Instant: Let's see that one again.) The World's End is at the Hollywood this week (and other theaters).

3. Comic Book: Read Locke & Key. This series is my favorite comic book—nay, book!—EVER. The horror-mystery series started five years ago and its second-to-last issue came out on Wednesday. That is a lot of month-by-month waiting for a story that is intensely gripping, scary, and thrilling. Get thee to a library or comic book store to catch up on the intricate mysteries of the Locke family and their magical ancestral mansion. Quick, before the very last issue comes out!

4. Cabaret: I have high hopes for Meow Meow and her cabaret show with the Oregon Symphony. When writing up our blurbs for the Time-Based Art Festival guide, I got really excited about seeing the Australian cabaret diva (Sat Sept 14, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, tix). Based on the clips, she's a va-va-voom chanteuse with the heart of a glamorous clown. I'll report back on the TBA blog, but this looks promising.

5. Roller Derby: And finally, my favorite thing to get stoked about: junior roller derby! The hard-hitting monsters of Rose City Rollers' junior derby league, the Rosebuds, are playing a double header on Saturday. It's zombies vs. rainbow kids, and Star Wars dames vs. riveting Rosies. I feel like I harp on this a lot, but junior roller derby is the pure distillation of roller derby at its most fun—these teenage gals are enthusiastic, tough (REALLY tough), and kick-ass athletes. And they throw epic halftime dance parties. Rosebuds Double Header, Sat Sept 14, The Hangar at Oaks Park, 6 pm, $14-20, tix