WHO: Star female thespian from A Piece of Cake, the 5-week show which closed last week.

Did you get bored doing the same show 10 times? "Never. It's a different show every time. Like last Saturday night I walked out with a rolling pin, and it immediately shattered all over the stage. We had to make up five or 10 minutes of dialogue about why I broke the rolling pin--I mean, you can't just ignore that there's a shattered rolling pin on stage. From that point on it just set the mood; Crazy stuff was flying out of our mouths and we didn't know where it was coming from, but it was all in character."

What would you say is the overall feeling of this show?

"It's been the most fun show, performance wise, I've done in a long time and I really don't want it to end, which is pretty rare. Usually I'm ready to move on--it gets stagnant, or to a point where we do the same show every night and I'm not building my character. But this was not like that."

How did you feel when you initially realized you had to be nude?

"Whenever there's nudity in the show I ask myself "If you took the nudity out, would the scene be the same?" Because I'm not into nudity for the sake of shocking people. With this particular show, it was very obvious that you take the nudity out of the scene, and it loses all its power."

Then what was the real power of being nude in this scene?

"It's the vulnerability of the woman who is so desperate to get her husband back that she will sacrifice everything."

Our reviewer criticized that scene because you were nude and your character's husband wasn't.

"I understand his point of view, but it just happens to be a situation where the woman is making all the moves and therefore she's taking her clothes off. If the scene had continued, he would have taken his clothes off. I understand why the playwright didn't do that though, it would have made it into a really long scene. The one problem that I do have, is in the scene that follows that one: The man and woman have just made love, and the lights come up and I'm just putting my dress. But there is no room in there for the man to look like he's just had his clothes off. Why would he not be getting dressed as well? We had a lot of discussions about that in rehearsal."

What are you working on now?

"I'm doing Shakespeare in the Park, a Floor Sketch Comedy Show at Berbati's, and I just did a burlesque show last week."

Can you compare the burlesque show to the nudity scene?

"They are completely different; In burlesque, I never actually show breasts, but it's still much more erotic; I'm taking my clothes off for the audience rather than my husband, and that makes me so much more aware of the audience."

Do you have a day job?

"I work at Starbuck's."

Oh my God. That must be hard.

"There are a lot of actors in town that have a full time job and do at least one production at a time."


"Yeah well, it's what we do."