As you know, I am not one to toot my own horn (mostly because of physical limitations). HOWEVER! I have a small but crucial role in this weekend's (and next) production of Road House: The Play!, and I gotta tell the truth: THIS SHOW IS PRETTY FREAKING FUNNY.
Obviously, the show is based on the most awesome Patrick Swayze movie EVER, adapted by The Liberators' Shelley McLendon and Livewire's Courtenay Hameister. And it stars what I heard one person call "the Ocean's 11 of Portland comedy talent" (which I think would make me the tiny Asian gymnast guy). Here's the lineup from the website:

Directed by John Breen, and starring local actors:
Sean McGrath
Ted Douglass
Michael Fetters
Shelley McLendon
Courtenay Hameister
Nicholas Kessler
Tony Marcellino
Wm. Steven Humphrey
Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts
Meagan Kate
Jonathan Newsome

Read Alison's review of January's staged reading here! Anyway, as mentioned earlier, I wouldn't recommend something I'm in unless I really had faith that you'd enjoy it, so grab some tickets HERE and do it quick! One show per night at 8 pm this Friday and Saturday, as well as March 26th & 27th, at the Someday Lounge (125 NW 5th). Tonight is already sold out, but there are some standing room tickets still available, or so I hear.

Don't quite remember how awesome Road House was? Here's a clip to wet that whistle!