Portland should be made aware of the fact that the Action/Adventure Theatre company (the brainiacs behind the hugely successful Fall of the House) have invited me to participate in this weekend's theatrical episode of Captured By Aliens! (And yes, in a shocking turn of events for someone who despises the public eye, I accepted.)
In a nutshell, CBA! is another of the troupe's ongoing weekly somewhat-improvised soap operas—this time involving a cast of reality show has-beens who have been kidnapped by dickhead aliens intent on world domination. So it's kind of like Big Brother meets Days of Our Lives meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers... except, like FUNNY.
Here's what our Alison Hallett had to say about it, and NO, I didn't force her to say any of these things. I couldn't anyway, she's too goddamn stubborn.

Captured is a fine, funny show that makes good use of reality TV trappings, with squeaky-voiced aliens providing absurd counterpoints to the characters' alliance building and backstabbing. Overall, the show is even funnier than the ensemble's popular Fall of the House.

What she said. Anyway, for this weekend only, I've been invited to play along onstage as a "surprise guest judge." You'll enjoy this because things don't turn out so well for my character. AND THAT'S ALL I'M GONNA SAY!! Activate deets:

Action/Adventure Theatre presents
Captured By Aliens! created by Action/Adventure and the ensemble
Directed by Bri Pruett
Venue: Theater! Theatre!, 3430 SE Belmont
Festival Dates: Jan 28, 29 @ 10:30pm; Jan 30 @ 8pm
Full run dates: Jan 21-Feb 13
Tickets: $12 | www.fertilegroundpdx.org or 1-800-494-8497 (TIXS)

See you there!

Heres one of those dickhead aliens I was telling you about.
  • Here's one of those dickhead aliens I was telling you about.