Conflict of interest? YOU BETCHA. But it's a conflict you want to know about!

Guys! I'm very honored to be in the upcoming theatrical production of The Lost Boys: Live!—playing every weekend this month over at the IFCC theater (5430 N Interstate)! If you were a fan of last year's mega-hit Road House: The Play, it's produced and written by the same peeps AND stars many of the same people, including Sweat's Shelley McClendon, Michael Fetters, and Andrew Harris, plus Tony Marcellino (The Liberators), Ted Douglass (3rd Floor), as well as sketch artists Jed Arkley, Tynan De Long, and more! Plus it's directed by The Liberators' John Breen and co-written by Courtenay Hameister! WOW. Wotta lineup!

Oh, and sure, I guess there's ME. But those other guys are exactly 73 percent funnier than I am—so if you think I'm funny, then GREAT! If you don't, that's still an extremely high percentage of funny.

Wanna come? GET THOSE TICKETS FAST, this one is gonna sell out lickety-split. Here are the deets:

The Lost Boys: Live!
Weekends in October, starts Friday, Oct 5
Ethos/IFCC Theater, 5340 N Interstate

Find out more info here, and if for some sad reason you're unfamiliar with what's known as the greatest teen vampire classic filmed in 1988, here's the original trailer for The Lost Boys! Hope to see you there!