IN MACBETH, he plays Macbeth. In Titus, Titus. He was Hal in Henry V. Leading roles may simply be the best fit for Post Five Theatre's artistic director, Ty Boice—a 27-year-old who spent his Medford high school years as an MVP quarterback, a basketball starter, and—oh, yeah! A print model for Armani Exchange. Now, before you go scribbling jealous comics of Boice's chiseled jaw getting shit-kicked by ninjas, consider that he's dedicated enough to live where he works—out at Milepost 5—and he started a theater company from scratch. He can't help being a golden god; all he can do is keep bringing his A-game.

Saying "NO" to LA: "When I was 20, I visited LA and saw some agents, but it never felt right. Then I saw my first live theater [Romeo and Juliet] in Ashland and I fell in love with it. To this day, I've never extended myself toward film. I'm too much of a yokel, and kind of a creature of habit. Here in Portland, I'm so broke, but so happy."

Actor by trade: "Portland Actors Conservatory is pretty much an acting trade school. When I was checking it out [the recruiter] dropped the F word, and I thought, 'Okay, this place is relaxed enough.'"

Near-death experience: "When I was seven [in Gold Beach, Oregon] I actually fell off a tractor—that's how much of a hick I am—and it rolled over me. I was in a full body cast, and they said I'd never walk. My right knee is still really messed up; I've had three surgeries."

Reflecting on his blondness: "Didn't you know that blonds are tangible holograms? They're not real people."

Visiting CC Slaughters: "[Drag queens] were magnificent. They made me feel insignificant as a performer. I was like, 'Hmm, where do I get me some size 11 heels and some fishnets?'"

"Scariest" role: "Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Shakespearean lovers are uniquely challenging because you have to dig in and make them three-dimensional or they turn into a walking, talking plot device. Besides, Portland Center Stage had an obscenely talented cast on that show. I was doing my daily affirmations, like, 'I can do this! Oh please, oh please...'"

Post Five's current production of Macbeth runs at the Post Five Theatre, 850 NE 81st, 971-258-8584, Fri-Sun 7 pm (except Sun March 10, 8 pm), through March 17, $10 (pay-what-you-will Sun),