Now that all that HUMP filthiness is finally over, I am free to promote actual super important stuff... AKA my theatrical career!! If you saw me in Road House: The Play, you may have thought "Meh, he's okay." And if you saw me in The Lost Boys: Live! you may have said, "Well, that was better." This time you may actually say, "Okay, this is a definite improvement," when you see me in the funnest holiday show of the year, Rudolph—On Stage!

That's right, it's a staged adaptation of the 1964 stop-motion animated classic "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" (that's the one where Santa is a real dick)—and it's brought to you by Bad Reputation Productions, the same evil minds who staged Road House and The Lost Boys! WHO AM I PLAYING? Well, see if you can pick me out of the lineup below:

  • Thanks to Super Shots photo studio at the mall!

This thing stars some of the funniest people in town, such as The Liberators' Shelley McLendon, John Breen, and Tony Marcellino as well as local improvisational gods Jed Arkley, Michael Fetters, and more! Also... ME. So mark yer calendars because Rudolph: On Stage starts the weekend after Thanksgiving and runs every weekend through December 21. Note: Bad Reputation shows are always super popular and sell out quick, so get your tickets now!

DON'T MISS RUDOLPH—ON STAGE! Or as Santa tells the singing elves in Rudolph, "Needs work. I've got to go. (SLAM!!)"