Portland's Siren Theater (315 NW Davis) and Bad Reputation Productions is locally famous for its terrific comedy-focused shows and extremely hilarious movie parodies such as Road House: The Play, Lost Boys Live, Nightmare on Elm Street Live (all shows I've been lucky enough to participate in). And while the COVID lockdown has put a pause on live performances at the Siren, owner/performer Shelley McLendon has a new online streaming treat debuting just in time for the Halloween season... The Blair Witch Project Parody.

The grandpappy of "found footage" horror flicks, The Blair Witch Project freaked the fuck out of audiences in 1999 with its story of a documentary crew being chased around the woods by a creepy craft-making witch. Watch the original trailer here to jog your memory!

In the Siren's adaptation, writer/director McLendon has gathered all your Siren Theater funny faves, including Michael Fetters (The Aces), Leon Anderson (Broke Gravy), Lori Ferraro (Poltergeist: The Play), McLendon (of course), and more to reproduce this classic spooky movie and add their own hilarious spin. And you can stream The Blair Witch Parody in the comfort of your own home starting TONIGHT Friday October 30 and for the next four nights through Monday, November 1, all shows start at 8 pm!

So support your local arts organizations (like the Siren) by GETTING YOUR TICKETS FOR THE BLAIR WITCH PARODY NOW AND HERE!