But are the buns vegan?
But are the buns vegan? YouTube screengrab from Burger King's The Impossible Taste Test

After a successful trial run in 59 restaurants throughout the St. Louis area, fast-food chain Burger King will begin selling the plant-based Impossible Whopper in stores nationwide by the end of 2019. In the meantime, Burger King will test the meatless wonder in select markets before the countrywide rollout. (I haven't set foot in a BK since the Carter administration, and probably will continue to avoid it, but I heartily applaud this executive decision.)

The addition of the Impossible Burger on such a large scale is a huge victory for the environment and veganism, as reducing/eliminating meat consumption is one of the most positive steps humans can take toward fending off catastrophic climate change. Let's hope more restaurants of all stripes follow Burger King's—and Carl's Jr.'s—lead.