923 SW Oak Street

There's a lot to love about Half & Half, the spanking new downtown cafè which serves an eclectic mix of sandwiches and sundries, located next to Reading Frenzy. Just like the rest of the establishments on that block, it's small and intimate like a proper neighborhood cafè should be, and has incredibly good food for incredibly little money.

The fare is mostly sandwiches, which includes weekly changing specials. Recently the choices included Muffuletta--traditional New Orleans fare--the tantalizing Reuben, and the "I hate this family!" turkey sandwich (hey! just in time to set the mood for your family's turbulent Thanksgiving get-together).

What's more, a vegan sandwich is always featured. Grand Central Bakery supplies the bread and Robin makes the salads with her own gentle hands: the quinoa salad with roasted peppers and corn will make you moist! If you're looking for something more comforting, try the peanut butter and jelly, (or Nutella, banana, honey, or marshmallow fluff), the grilled cheese, or tuna melt.

Finish it off with an equally comforting Mountain Dew, San Pellegrino, or cappuccino made from locally roasted Stumptown coffee. Robin also makes all of her chocolate from scratch, so if you order a white mocha, you can bet your sweet ass it's going to rock.

Besides good eatin', their sundries can't be beat. Located by the cash register, it's hard to pass up these impulse items: blow-pops, Chick-O-Sticks, cigarettes (even American Spirit!), plastic bunnies, condoms, safety pins, funky Japanese candies, and Guardian (Look, Ma, I'm a Red Wing!) mouth guards.