Here Come the Holidays: Part Three, Whole Foods Market, 1210 NW Couch, 525-4343, Fri Oct 21, 6-9 pm, $35

Are your friends and family sick of you bringing the canned cranberry jelly to the holiday feasts? This class will provide you with an artillery of new side dishes that can be served up with a dash of flair. "Chef Steve" teaches how to spice up mashed potatoes, venture into the mysterious world of chutneys, and cook up some scrumptious vegetable accompaniments like caramelized cippolini onions. CSB

Cozy Fall Menu, Caprial's Bistro, 7015 SE Milwaukie, 239-8771, Tues Oct 25, 6:30-9 pm, $70

In addition to entertaining you with their popular OPB cooking show, Caprial and John's Kitchen (Sat 2 pm, Sun 5:30 pm), dynamic duo Caprial and John Pence also edify with cool classes out of their thriving Westmoreland bistro. This evening, learn to cook a full-on four-course meal, replete with a fried green tomato appetizer, warm spinach salad, a pork carnitas entree, and a heart-stopping double chocolate tart with pecan crust for dessert. JWS

Mastering the Sautée, Grill, and Roast, In Good Taste, 231 NW 11th, 248-2015, Sun Oct 23, 2 pm, $85

This class offers up some basic dry-heat cooking skills dealing with meats. Each student will be able to prepare their own meats and have plenty of hands-on experience with all three cooking methods. Other teachings will include some basic knife how-to and simple sauce preparation. The dishes featured in this class will be: sautéed pork tenderloin medallions with port and dried cherries, grilled halibut with grilled vegetables and pesto Genovese, roast chicken and winter root vegetables, and bread pudding with apple brandy butterscotch sauce. Yum! CSB