Muddy Rudder Public House, 8105 SE 7th, 233-4410, daily 4-6 pm, $3 pints, $3.75 wine, cheap slices

What? A public house with good food, good beer, and live music? You can't find that anywhere in Portland! Wait. Yeah, you can, but in Sellwood. CN

Mulligan's, 3518 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 235-6390, Thurs-Sat all day, 4-7 pm all other days, $2.50 wells, cheap beer

Shooting pool at Mulligan's will make you feel a bit like a hustler. You can almost smell the sweat of hundreds of shooters before you as they leaned over the rail, eyeing a three-ball combination for glory and fame. PAC

Muu-Muu's, 612 NW 21st, 223-8169, daily 3-6 pm, $4 well martinis, $3 cocktails, $3 micros, cheap food

This place may be way too pretentious for its own good. But being right next door to Cinema 21 and having tasty appetizers makes this bar a common meeting place for the folks who live in Northwest Portland. CN

My Father's Place, 523 SE Grand, 235-5494, Mon-Fri 5-7 pm, 25¢ off wells, taps & bottles, cheap food

The dive bar that baby dive bars aspire to. My Father's Place has just about everything you need, including a greasy breakfast after you've over indulged the night before. It's way too possible to spend way too much time here. PAC