Critic's note: This occasional entry is about stuff that I eat or drink that you should eat or drink, too. It may be about items that are locally made, or they may not be, but you'll be able to find them in town. And you should.

A WELL-MADE chocolate chip cookie is my Achilles' heel. I don't ever *not* want one. Right now? Sure! Mid-intercourse? Why not! After 2 am on a Saturday? FUCK YES.

That's what makes the idea for Coop's Cookies downright genius: It's a late-night small-batch cookie delivery that offers a rotating selection of flavors, including classic chocolate chip, ginger molasses, pretzel milk chocolate chunk (yes, please!), and oatmeal raisin (who likes this cookie?!). Open Thursday through Sunday from 7 pm to 3 am, this is now how all future munchies problems will be solved.

Owner Jessica Cooper dropped her creations at my door a few Sundays ago, and these babies are great. They're HUGE, the right level of chewy and fluffy, and my favorite so far, the triple chocolate, had just a hint of salt to combat the high sugar levels. Cookies run from $3.25 to $3.75 and there's a wide delivery range (Woodstock and Powell to Ainsworth, some downtown/Northwest spots, and even east to 82nd) with fees ranging from $1-3.

Don't forget the milk. Coop's has it from Sunshine Dairy, along with all the Cellar Door coffee and soda you care to guzzle. Need a lighter to keep the party going? They've got those for $2, and there's a built-in bottle opener. Don't say this lady doesn't know her audience.

Coop's Cookies, 619-9246, Thurs-Sun 7 pm-3 am,, prefers cash but accepts credit cards.