Please chop me into firewood and feed me into that fireplace.
Please chop me into firewood and feed me into that fireplace.

This is painful to watch.

He sits there glowering like a racist who can't believe he was to wait for Obama to speak before he does. You can tell the whole time in his mind it's just, like, this:

Sitting there in front of the Oval Office's fireplace, Obama says, "It is important for all of us regardless of party, regardless of political preferences, to now come together." Trump, a flat grimace on his face, looks around the room when Obama is talking, and then he says that he and Obama had never met each other and that: "I have great respect." Full sentence. I have great respect. Which of course is not "I have great respect for you," and could even be interpreted as people respect me. This guy.

Trump also says of their meeting, "We discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. I look very much forward to dealing with the president in the future"—by undoing every single one of his executive actions?—"including counsel. He explained some of the difficulties and some of the high-flying assets. Some of the really great things that have been achieved."

Officiously, Trump adds, "Mr. President, it was a great honor being with you."

You have to hand it to Obama for being a class act about this, but some small part of me wishes he would say, "I wish the feeling were mutual." But nope—Obama's going all the way with his class act.

I can understand why, and on the one hand I admire it. On the other hand, treating Trump like a normal leader legitimizes his racism and misogyny and disdain for everyone who isn't a billionaire white guy. Make no mistake: his cabinet will be hella white and male.

Not everyone else in the White House was as okay with this transition as the president seemed to be. Look at these faces:

Actually, that photograph was taken yesterday, not today.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos must be worried about his company's taxes going way up:

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