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Yesterday, documents leaked alleging that during a visit to Russia, Donald Trump purposely stayed in the same hotel room that the Obamas had stayed in, and to demonstrate his love for them, he hired two prostitutes to pee on him and the bed.

Twitter has been consumed with #PEEOTUS jokes. Meanwhile, the Jeff Sessions softball inquiry continues today. (What will the spineless Democrats do next? Ask him to dinner?)

At the press conference, which absurdly had a cheering section, Mike Pence came out from the cave he's been hiding in and said a bunch of dumb, meaningless stuff:

"I can assure the American people that his energy and vision has been inspiring."

Here's Trump: "I want to thank a lot of news organizations here who have not treated me very well, they came out so strongly against this. Primarily, one television station." (Hmmmm—Fox?).

He then went off script, mispronounced the word "industry," and said the word "tremendous" approximately 400 times, claimed he was going to be a great "job producer," without mentioning that jobs are being shed, including 14,000 people who were just laid off from Macy's and the Limited.

Trump denied that the documents were real, and thought of course, that Putin would have released these documents. And pivoted to Hillary Clinton—the worst thing about her is that she got the questions to the debate, referred to himself in the third person repeatedly. ("Can you imagine if Donald Trump got the questions to the debate." "If Putin likes Donald Trump...")

In short, Trump's first press conference since the election was a tremendous bullshit word salad that asked IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, the question: if "Hillary would be tougher on Putin than Donald Trump?" He also claimed that the only people who cared about his tax returns are reporters. Then, people applauded. (Who are these people?)

He also said:

Does anyone else feel insane?