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Here are a few of the stories our fantastic team produced... just in the past week!

One Dead, Five Injured From Shooting at Black Lives Matter March
Police are being mum about the person who shot five women and killed another during this past weekend's Black Lives Matter march—but the Mercury spoke with one of the surviving victims/witnesses.

• Hall Monitor: Why Homelessness Experts Have Rejected Mayor's Shelter Plan
Why are city leaders leaping ahead with cruel, thoughtless "solutions" to homelessness, and ignoring the advice of experts? Don't miss this great, informative primer.

Portland Police Fatally Shoot One Person in Southwest Portland
It took awhile, but the bureau has released the names of the two cops who killed a person in SW Portland over the weekend—and one of them wrote a guest opinion article the Oregonian defending police who use deadly force against a person who doesn't appear to have a weapon.

Opinion: Kristof’s Thwarted Campaign a Blow to All Unqualified, Entitled White Men
Oh, no! What will happen to the dreams of other unqualified, entitled white men now that Nick Kristof's run for governor has been scuttled? Find out in this blistering (and fun!) opinion piece.

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