CALLING ALL LOVEBIRDS!ย Are you ready to profess to the world that you are ass-over-teakettle in LOVE with a person, place, animal, local business, food product, or whatever else makes your heart sing? Well, start thinking about how to express those lovey-dovey thoughts NOW... because starting next week on Tuesday, January 31 we'll be opening up the Mercury's annual READER VALENTINES for one and all!

How does it work? Oh, it's easy-breezy! Simply dig deep into your heart and soul and write out a 150-character love note designed to moisten and/or engorge the nethers of the one (or ones) you love. (No mean stuff, spam, or gibberish, please!) Then, starting Tuesday, January 31 through February 15, you'll be able to submit it on the Mercury's super popular website, and we'll publish it for all the world to see!ย Oh, and did we mention it's free? IT'S FREE!

Need some help getting those creative juices flowing? Check out these mushy-gushy examples that readers sent in last year!

Ooh-la-la, so romantique! But you can also send valentines to your fave local restaurant staff, your doggie or kitty, your fave slice of pizza, OR even a blind item to your secret love or an "I Saw U"! The romantic possibilities are endless with the Mercury READER VALENTINESโ€”coming at ya next Tuesday, January 31 through February 15!