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Thinking crowns on! 👑 It's time for POP QUIZ PDX! This week: Dear god, look at all the religious shenanigans going on around here. Have YOU been keeping track? See how well you score on our sassy (and unholy) trivia quiz! 👿

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Fire Destroys Downtown Portland Apartment Building

Despite smoke and flames at the 113-year-old building in Goose Hollow, some residents initially ignored fire alarms, noting persistent "false alarms" at the building. Firefighters battled the blaze for hours, without a working computer dispatch system.

Portland Fire & Rescue

Traffic Cops are Back—But Advocates Still Want More Speed Cameras

Portland Police are bringing back the traffic enforcement team, but advocates point to traffic light cameras as the best way to slow drivers and reduce racial bias in policing.

Courtney Vaughn

Say Nice Things About... the Portland Food Scene!

The Mercury's "Say Nice Things About Portland" guide (in print!) features a truckload of stuff describing the best things about our city... including this delicious piece about Portland's top-notch food scene by Andrea Damewood! 😋

Matt Wong

Democratic Lawmakers Are Advancing a Domestic Terrorism Bill That Some Say Is Ripe for Abuse

HB 2772 was crafted to prevent extremist attacks, but activists worry it will be used to target climate and racial justice protesters.

Suzette Smith

Election Results: Julia Brim-Edwards Wins County Commissioner Race

Get caught up with all of this week's election results with the Mercury Election Strike Force!

Michelle Mruk

Say Nice Things About… Portland’s SEXIEST Statues!

They're artistic, historical... and HOT! 🤤 Don't miss Elinor Jones' hilarious picks for the city's SEXIEST statues in our "Say Nice Things About Portland" guide!


Artists Repertory Theatre’s True Story Packs a Hard-Boiled Punch

With just five characters and 80 minutes, Artists Repertory Theatre's final production of its 2022-23 season unpacks how easy it is to lose the plot line of truth.



Put on those latex gloves... it's time to dig through this week's trashiest gossip. In this episode: Lying liars, Mayim Bialik vs Ken Jennings, and RIP MTV news!


Say Nice Things About… Portland’s Delightfully Wild Arts Scene!

Galleries and museums? Of course. But a local cemetery and a mall as well? You better believe it. Martha Daghlian explains.


Q&A With PICA's Outgoing and Incoming Executive Directors

The experimental arts organization PICA has hired a new executive director. In this Q & A, we spoke with the outgoing and incoming directors about the transition and asked: What is PICA's purpose in Portland's arts scene?


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