Hello Mercury friends and neighbors!

In case you didn't notice, the Portland Mercury has returned to publishing print issues on a semi-regular basis! First there was our "Say Nice Things About Portland" issue, and now you can find the Mercury's Fall Arts Guide in more than 500 locations all around the the city! Isn't that freaking fantastic?!?

"OKAY, SURE, BUT HOLD ON JUST A DING-DONG SECOND," you may be unnecessarily yelling. "Why did you stop publishing print issues in the first place?"

Okay, here's the dirty secret about the printing game: It costs sooooo much money! In fact, in ye olden pre-pandemic tymes, print and paper costs would eat up a whopping 60 percent (!) of our budget. And that financial burden only quadrupled during the pandemic, making it harder than ever to provide you with fun and informative print products. But! On the other hand, our readers absolutely flip ass-over-teakettle for our print issues, and want as many of them as they can get.

So what's a beloved local, reader and justice-focused periodical to do?

Ahhh... that's where YOU come in. You can help support the Mercury's mission to provide smart, thoughtful journalism (as well as our entertainment 'n' fun-packed print issues) by becoming a monthly or even one-time contributor! We're working hard every single day to bring you investigative journalism that digs into Portland's current issues with a keen, suspicious eye—especially when it comes to the conservative forces that are trying to undo the years of progressive advances our city has made. But we also love tooting our trumpet about Portland's amazing music, food, and performance scenes—and our print guides are a great way to spotlight these hardworking folks, while recommending events where you can have a fun, fantastic time. (And psst... we do this without hiding the information you need behind a paywall.) But make no mistake, it takes a lot of work, and it's expensive.

Look: We know you believe in us, and want to keep us alive, kicking, and growing. So if you can, will you consider helping us out with just a teensy-tiny regular or one-time contribution? Even $5 goes a long way when enough folks pitch in!

As always, thanks so much for your generous words and support! You are worth fighting for, and I hope you feel the same about us. Don't forget to pick up a copy of our Fall Arts Guide (on the street NOW at more than 500 locations), and be on the lookout for even more super fun print issues in 2024!

You are the best!

Yer always pal,

Wm. Steven Humphrey


Portland Mercury